Documentation of Rainfall-Runoff Model  Rainfall-Runoff Model
Executive summary Overview
User guide for program operationUser guide for program operation User Guide
runoff/Config_form.htm Configuration
open folderclose folder Rainfall Pre-Processing
runoff/Totalizers.htm Rainfall Totalizers
runoff/Evap_PrePro.htm Evaporation Pre-Processing
open folderclose folder Model Builder
open folderclose folder Model builder - surface runoff
runoff/CN_surface_input.htm Editing the table with CN-values
runoff/MB_luse_input.htm Correction factors for land use
runoff/MB_climate_input.htm Correction factors for climate zones
runoff/MB_surface_calc.htm Calculation of grid with CN values
open folderclose folder Model builder - percolation
runoff/CN_percolation_input.htm Editing the table with CN-values
runoff/MB_percolation_calc.htm Calculation of grid with CN values
open folderclose folder Core Runoff Model
runoff/ESRI2GRD.htm ESRI2GRD
runoff/functions.htm Functions
runoff/DB2GRD.htm DB2GRD
runoff/GRD2ESRI.htm GRD2ESRI
open folderclose folder Runoff Post Processing
open folderclose folder Generation of blanking files
runoff/Map_empty.htm Empty map
runoff/Map_load.htm Load shape file
open folderclose folder Select individual polygons
runoff/Map Navigation.htm Map navigation
runoff/Spatial_selection.htm Spatial selection
runoff/Spatial_Filter_Sort.htm Spatial filtering and sorting
runoff/Map_save.htm Saving of blanking files
runoff/Volume_Calc.htm Calculation of Volumes out of Grids
open folderclose folder Verification of Results
runoff/Verification_1.htm Calibration summary
runoff/Verification_2.htm All basins, single year
runoff/Verification_3.htm Single basin, each year
runoff/Reference_data_input.htm Entry of reference values
runoff/Export_historic.htm Export of historic flood volumes
runoff/Statistics.htm Frequency calculations
runoff/Flood2STP.htm Exports of flood volumes to STP
runoff/GW2STP.htm Calculation and export of GW-recharge to STP
Explanation of data table structure and contentsExplanation of data table structure and contents Data Model
runoff/Table_links.htm Table links
runoff/LUT.htm Look-Up Tables
runoff/Monitoring tables.htm Monitoring Tables
runoff/Station_tables.htm Station Tables
runoff/Inter_tables.htm Intermediate Tables
runoff/Temp_tables.htm Temporary Tables
runoff/STP.htm STP Tables
vector_data.htm Vector GIS data
open folderclose folder Raster GIS data (grid files)
Grid_data_basic.htm Basic grid data
Grid_data_input.htm Grid input files
Grid_data_output.htm Grid output files
Definitions and algorithms used by the applicationDefinitions and algorithms used by the application Definitions and Algorithms
runoff/AMC.htm Antecedent Moisture Condition
runoff/Def_Blanking_file.htm Blanking files
runoff/CN-method.htm CN-Method
Model DescriptionModel Description Model Description
open folderclose folder Flowchart Core Model
runoff/Regio_rain.htm Rainfall Regionalisation
runoff/Regio_evap.htm ETP Regionalisation
runoff/Hydrosoil_types.htm Hydrological Soil Types
runoff/dry_medium_wet.htm Hydrological Year Types
runoff/landuse.htm Land use
open folderclose folder Penman Formula
runoff/Penman_paras.htm Penman Parameters
runoff/Salinities.htm Salinities
runoff/Scenarios.htm Scenarios
runoff/wadi_endpoints.htm Wadi endpoints
Navigation through the applicationNavigation through the application Navigation
runoff/help.htm Help System
Application errors and their solutionApplication errors and their solution Trouble Shooting
runoff/system_req.htm System Requirements
runoff/troubleshooting_data.htm Data Access Problems

This rainfall-runoff model is part of the digital planning tools for the National Water Master Plan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan