Calculation of daily, monthly or annual volumes for catchments delineated by blanking files (*.bln)

This sub-module is the default tab for post-processing. It summarises volumes from the monthly and/or annual grids saved by the simulation model. The calculation is done through Surfer commands. Although for each catchment, each month and each parameter the nation-wide grid will be loaded, blanked (reduced to catchment boundaries) and the volume calculated, the processing is rather fast!

For initial calibration purposes, annual volumes can be calculated. This works even faster.

The calculation converts the grids (all values in Millimetres) into MCM (Million cubic meters); the results are saved in tables (separately for daily, monthly and annual data and for each data type) under Access. Primary keys are preventing any double records. If new modelling results are available, the old records are automatically deleted. A date field is indicating, when the calculation of a record has been finished.

After the calculation is completed, the tab automatically proceeds to verification.