Verification of Modelling Results

This sub-module permits to compare summaries of annual results against the figures given by the Ministry for the Main Surface Water Basins.

Currently, 3 different comparisons are possible:
  1. Average for each basin and all years
  2. Total for each basin, but a single water year
  3. Totals for each year, but a single basin

The water year (hydrological year from October of previous year to May of current year) as well as the basins can be selected by pull-down menus - the form with the result will open after the "query-result" button

has been pressed.

The query results are showing the following annual figures of the water balance in MCM (Million m3):

Springflow, Baseflow and well extractions are not contained in this balance.

To edit existing reference data or enter figures for additional years, use the "edit-table" button.