Main Command Center for Rainfall/Runoff Model

When starting the Runoff Model, a screen apperas that gives access to the following modules:
  1. Rainfall Preprocessing (re-arrange daily data)
  2. Evaporation Preprocessing (calculation of monthly potential evaporation from daily climatic data)
  3. Model builder (assigning CN-values to grid cells)
  4. Core Runoff Model (Raster Model using Surfer Commands)
  5. Runoff Postprocessing (calculation of volumes out of grid files and uploading of results to the data base)

Tip: Move with the cursor over the image. When the cursor changes from arrow to hand, you can click to view the detailed description.

Help is available for all sub-modules, it can be activated by clicking the button.

The configuration form will be loaded automatically in case certain files cannot be found as set in the configuration file config.cfg.
The configuration form can also accessed manually by pressing the button.