Explanation and listing of temporary tables

The core model produces a large number of temporary text files that are read by SURFER for the calculation of initial daily rainfall grids and monthly evaporation grids. These data are generated out of monitoring data and station data.

These text files are stored in the model output directory as defined by the configuration and deleted after the model run is completed.

The text files consist of 3 numeric values X, Y and Z without a heading. X and Y are the coordinates of the monitoring station in m, Z is the observation (rainfall or ETP) in mm.

The number of rows in the text file is determined by the number of stations at that observation interval. A typical example (first 7 rows only of file r660109.txt) is shown below.

369943.219   609613.375   4.7
363936       579407.75    3.5
379315.969   601954.813   8
376026.344   614512.25    4
369249.344   615926.563   3.7
369976.813   611613.313   4.6
369673.875   563609.125   1.3