Runoff Post-processing - Overview

This module transforms the grids generated by the core rainfall/runoff module into volumes and stores them into database tables. This module is also used to produce the figures required for calibration of the rainfall/runoff module.

This module is more complex than the other ones. It consists of 6 individual sub-modules; it is not necessary to execute all sub-modules each time the module is applied.

  1. Conversion of groundwater infiltration grids into groundwater Safe Yield grids
  2. Preparation of blanking files outlining individual catchments
  3. Calculation of daily, monthly or annual volumes for catchments delineated by blanking files
  4. Verification of modelling results against figures given by the Ministry
  5. Export of flows from historical year(s)
  6. Statistical evaluation (frequency analysis) of monthly volumes
  7. Calculation and export of mean groundwater safe yield figures for all balancing units