General Guidelines for the User Interface

The Rainfall-Runoff Model has been implemented under MS-Access 2000; where possible, a common "look and feel" has been achieved. The user-interface is through programmed windows called "forms". In General, navigation (i.e. movement from one form to another) is through

various Buttons
with a symbol (icon) or text
and, more rarely, through page tabs

Options are selected through

(only one of several options can be selected)
(several options can be selected simultaneously)
list fields
to scroll up and down
combination fields (pull-down menus)

Buttons are not only used for navigation (i.e. to move to another form) but also to execute a command. A single click is required to execute the command behind the button. The look and feel of buttons have been standardised:

Buttons may be active
or non-active, which means, that they can not be clicked