Explanation and listing of monitoring tables

Monitoring Tables contain data observed at the hydrometeorological monitoring stations. In order to speed-up the calculation, most data like rainfall or climatic data are read from ORACLE tables and than stored in an offline database with a different data structure.

Altogether, the Runoff module uses the following original Monitoring Tables:

Table name used by

The final results of the model calculations are stored in the STP tables.

Vital for the proper functioning of the core runoff model is the correct structure of the intermediate data tables. From these tables the monitoring data are read and used for regionalisation. Besides the monitoring tables, station tables with the coordinates of the monitoring stations are required as well.

Daily Rainfall data is stored in table JRain within database Rainfall_offline.mdb. The model makes a difference between zero rainfall (0) and no observation (no record in the table). Currently, the table contains more than 1.5 Million records for Jordan. In order to permit a fast processing of the data, the proper primary key is of outmost importance. It is composed of the date field "READING" and the string field "STATION_ID". A different composition of the primary key (e.g. first the STATION_ID, than the READING) will make the model extremely lame.

Note: In the model for Jordan, primary keys have already been set. The above note is only of importance if data are newly compiled for a different country.

01/10/1961 A 0001 0
01/10/1961 A 0007 0
01/10/1961 AB0001 0
01/10/1961 AB0002 0

Monthly Evapotranspiration data is stored in table mETP within database Evap_offline.mdb. This table is much smaller (currently about 4200 records only). Therefore the setting of primary keys is less critical.

1982 9 AD0027 4.50340008255287
1982 10 AD0027 3.55069016722984
1982 11 AD0027 1.90805185417542
1982 12 AD0027 1.27456553550385