Grid output files

Grid output files are generated by the model to store model results. The location where they are saved (the result path) is defined in the configuration files.

Generally, the model saves monthly and annual grids (in mm) of the following parameters:

In the calculation process, also daily grids were saved. Normally these daily files are deleted once they are not any more needed. However, there exists an option to keep these files for detailed analysis.

File naming is as follows:

daily grids: Pyymmdd.grd

monthly grids: Pyymm.grd

annual grids: Py1y1_y2y2mm.grd


P = Parameter (e.g. R, Q, I or E)

yy = year (e.g. 87 for 1987 or 01 for 2001)

y1y1_y2y2 = hydrological year (e.g. 87_88 is used for the year from 1st October 1987 to 30th September 1988)

mm = month (e.g. 03 for March)

dd = day (e.g. 08 for day no. 8)

File format is Surfer 6 binary format (which results in smaller files than Surfer 7 binary format).

Grid characteristics (grid extents and inner spacing) are defined by the grid input files.