Data Access Problems

In order to function properly, the latest set of data which the Pre-Processing application is using must be accessible from your computer.

After copying the data from a CD, you have to remove the read-only status of the following files on the hard-disk:



The general overview of data locations is given in the configuration. It is generally recommended to use the GIS data from the local hard disk, because the vector data from the network directory

\\Mwi_mis_nt1.1\Groups\WIS\spatial-data\shape files\

is obsolete!

On the other hand, the Landsat satellite images which DVS is able to display have not changed during the last years. However, the files are very large (altogether more than 460 MB), and accessing the data every time from the network is beyond the present capacity of the network in the Ministry.

For monitoring and projection data, it is possible to access them from the Oracle data base. To do so, you must have

Even then there remains a data problem that is unresolved until now (March 2003). The structure of the tables describing wastewater flows was changed. Unfortunately, the new tables do not yet contain historic data. Therefore, the Pre-Pro application was not adjusted to the new table structure, and will not be able calculate wastewater flows when accessing data from ORACLE.