Entry of monthly small industry demands

Small industries demands form only a minor portion of municipal demands. However, also small industries demands are based on assumed population numbers.

The distinction between small industry and commercial use-types is given in look-up table WATER_USE_BILL_CAT.

In case there is a strong seasonal variation and you are knowing its pattern you have the possibility to enter monthly data.

Attention: If you entered yearly data first, the same figure will be entered for all months. This facilitates data entry. However, if you enter yearly data after the monthly data, all monthly data will be overwritten!

Same as for yearly data, the following data area available for monthly data entry:

Demand (l/capita/day) Small industries water consumption per capita and day for the reference year. The billed monthly amounts of water for that year are shown, but can be edited individually. Generally, the reference figures appears to be rather low.
Sudden increase/decrease
Change of absolute number , e.g due to the opening or closure of small industrial centers.
Yearly increase/decrease (%) E.g. due to general growth of the small industries sector.

For entry of Yearly increase/decrease ,the button   Keep for Following   is greatly facilitating data entry. The same value will be written to all following years. However, editing of the later years is always possible.

Use the top bar to navigate between the individual time steps.