Enter DOS Population figures

This form shows you the form for entry of population figures per Governorate. These figures are required to calculate the population per settlement for those years where no census data are available (i.e. years from 1995 onwards).

Data, which are obtained from the Department of Statistics (DOS) have to be entered manually. However, once the data are entered, you can copy-paste them from this input form. For those years, for which previously not figures were entered, data are shown as "0".

Once data entry is completed, you can save the results into table T_DOS_POPULATION (per Governorate) and update table STP_POPULATION (per settlement). Please note, that table STP_POPULATION will be only updated if the population figures are new or have changed.

Use the Exit-button if you want to discard your entries.

Use the top bar to navigate between the individual years (1995 - 2003)