Configuration of data access

This form can be either called from the start-up menu or it will pop-up if the application does not find the required data bases and GIS data.

When saving, a text file preproc.cfg is generated in the same directory where the application is located.

In the above case, this text file looks as follows:

#ShapePathOffline   C:\Models_\DVS\spatial-data\vector data\shape files\
#ExcelPathOnline   &nbspC:\Models_\DVS\dvs_xls\
#ExcelPathOffline   C:\Models_\DVS\dvs_xls\
#DBOwner           &nbspJORDAN
#DBOwnerSTP         JORDAN
#DSNOnline         &nbspWIS
#DBNameOffline     &nbspC:\Models_\DVS\dvs_data.mdb
#DBOwnerOffline     JORDAN
#DBOwnerSTPOffline &nbspJORDAN

As can be seen, that configuration is specific for each computer. Once the configuration is ok, it is not necessary to change it again. Even program revisions will function properly with an existing configuration file.