Export of tourist data

After tourist demand centers have been selected, the user has the options to

export historic water use (billing) data to STP (for balancing of historic data) or to

export data relevant for demand calculation to Excel (for better analysis)

Realistic forecasts are based on a sound understanding of the present situation. In order to obtain that understanding, the available monitoring data need to be analysed. As such an analysis is often most conveniently done under MS-Excel, the preprocessing module permits the export of calculated tourist demands to Excel.

Because the historic water demands are based on quarterly billed water volumes, the quarterly volumes have to be split into monthly volumes. Only the first 2 out of the 3 months can be edited - the 3rd month of each quarter is automatically the remainder.

The default is set to 33.33%. The user can

The action that follows when pressing   Export , depends on how this form has been called: