Supply Zone Demand Centers

Table SUPPLY_ZONE_DEMAND_CENTERS belongs to the class of station tables. It describes the relation of Demand Centers to network supply zones. This relation is required for the losses module.

Because the data to define that relation was not always available, supply zones have been just defined as districts or Governorates, irrespective of the physical pipe network. This is indicated by the field LEVELS.

The table below shows just a small selection of records. Currently, there are about 2436 records in table SUPPLY_ZONE_DEMAND_CENTERS.

1 AM0 G
1 MA7 D
2 MF0 G
2 MF9 D

The most important fields are:

Note: The Supply Zones are not to be confused with the service zones, which refer to the relation of Demand Centers to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).