Service Zone Demand Centers

Table SERVICE_ZONE_DEMAND_CENTERS belongs to the class of station tables. It describes the relation of Demand Centers to WWTP service zones. This relation is required for the wastewater module.

The field PORTION has been recently added. It has two purposes:

The table below shows just a small selection of records. Currently, there are almost 1400 records in table SERVICE_ZONE_DEMAND_CENTERS.

139 AD04 100 W. Shalala -Irbid E. WWTP Zone
140 AD04 20 W. Shalala -Irbid E. WWTP Zone
140 AE01 30 Irbid (Central) WWTP Zone
140 AE02 50 Wadi Al Arab WWTP Zone
141 AL03 100 Abu Nuseir WWTP Zone
142 AL01 100 As Samra WWTP Zone
143 CD01 100 Al Jiza WWTP Zone
144 AD12 0 Al Mafraq5 WWTP Zone
145 CD04 0 Al Karak14 WWTP Zone

The relevant fields are:

Note: The service zones are not to be confused with the supply zones, which refer to the distribution of water from resources (network, wells) to Demand Centers.