Entry of parameters for population forecast

Municipal demands are calculated on a demand per capita basis. Therefore, the parameters that determine population development have to be entered first.

The calculation on future population development is based on the reference year. The figures for the reference years (currently up to 2001) are based on the 1994 census and were extended for the following years on the basis of DOS estimates (DOS=Department of Statistics). They are read from table STP_POPULATION.

In order to enter new figures for DOS estimates or to change existing ones, use the button  DOS Population entry  , which open a special data entry form.

Population growth assumes both a growth rate and a possible migration rate. The growth rate (expressed in %) typically is above zero.

Again, the button   Keep for following years   is greatly facilitating data entry. The same growth rate will be written to all following years. However, individual editing of any year is always possible.

The migration rate (expressed in absolute population numbers) may be zero in many cases, but it could be also a positive or a negative number.

When finally saving the projected municipal demands to STP, also the forecasted population figures (years 2005 to 2040) will be saved to table STP_POPULATION.

Use the top bar to navigate between the individual time steps.

Note: You can only proceed to the next form for entry of per-capita demands if you have at least entered the growth rate for year 2005.