Entry of New Tourist Centers

Introduction of new tourist demands

Two different cases need to be distinguished:

In the first case, the new demand is introduced via the pre-processing module only, in the second case, the operator has to modify a table of the ORACLE WIS.

Spatial selection - background:

During the spatial selection procedure for tourist demand, the user selects for example all Demand Centers within one Governorate. However, only DCs with tourist demand entries will be displayed in the list of the Pre-Processing Module.

The Tourist Pre-Processing Module considers only those Demand Centers, which have a record in the ORACLE WIS Table JORDAN.BED_UNITS. If a Demand Center has a record in this table, the DC is considered for the pre-processing of tourist demand, even if the number of bed units is zero.


76 16616 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
140 576 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
847 4001 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
13 4103 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
119 311 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
46 195 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
159 436 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
217 244 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
18 88 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
7 70 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
716 36 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
778 38 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
147 18 1998 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
92 39 1997 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH
160 88 1997 21.4.99 00:00:00 GAMMOH

The field SETT_ID indicates, where the Tourist demand is located. The YEAR indicates the year of census, which is the year of the last update. For pre-processing all settlements are considered, there is no query for the year.

Adding a Tourist Demand:

a)   There is already tourist Demand in the DC in the reference year:

If a tourist complex is planned in a DC, where tourist demand is already existing, the new demand can be considered for future scenarios simply by increasing the tourist demand of this settlement in the Pre-Processing Module using the "Sudden Increase" option.


A new complex with 120 bed units is planned (Scenario 3) for the year 2008 in Aqaba (which has already tourist demand), the sudden increase for year 2010 and Scenario 3 will be +120.

b)   There is no Tourist Demand in the DC in the reference year:

If a new Hotel is planned in a DC with no Tourist Demand in the past (no record in ORACLE table JORDAN.BED_UNITS), this DC needs to be added to the ORACLE Table JORDAN.BED_UNITS. The Year is the year of census and has nothing to do with the reference year chosen for pre-processing.


A new complex with 120 bed units is planned (Scenario 3) for the year 2008 in Uyun Musa (which has not had tourist demand so far = no record in table JORDAN.BED_UNITS), a new record has to be added to the JORDAN.BED_UNITS table with the Settlement ID of Uyun Musa (see JORDAN.SETT_LIST or the ArcView shapefile "base data\settle.shp"). The year will be the year of data entry (e.g. 2000) and as the settlement does not have tourist demand in 2000, the number of bed units is 0. The number of bed units will be increased to 120 in 2010 using the "Sudden Increase" option of the pre-processing module (see procedure above).

885 0 2000 3.7.2000 00:00:00 GAMMOH