Calculation of Network Losses


The Losses Module serves to calculate the future water losses from the supply network.

This projection of future network losses is based on the (projected) total water demand of a DC at the input of the network. Thus, the module should only be applied after calculations of municipal, tourist and industrial demand (respectively use) have been performed.

The calculation of the losses for future scenarios uses the following formula:

Ln = Lp * WDDC /(100-Lp)


Ln = projected losses in m3/month
Lp = percentage of losses (assumed)
WDDC = water demand of Demand Center in m3/month
(municipal + tourist + industrial_byNetwork)
100 = factor to convert from percentage to fraction

When storing the results to STP, the losses are saved as monthly values (m3/month) for each DC of the supply zones selected.

Note: The original concept to calculate historic network losses per supply centers by an comparison of resources (wells) and water use data had to be abandoned, due to the difficulties to obtain countrywide data for that data model.