Calculation of Industrial Demand

In the industrial module, the following calculations are made:

Calculation of past situation (billing data available)

industrial water use (billed)
from network
unaccounted for water
= (unbilled water + losses)
industrial water
abstracted from own wells
= industrial water use
per settlement

Note: Table QURT_BILLED_INDUSTRY contains both network and billed data. However, some of the information has been transferred from table MONTHLY_PRODUCTION (which means water production from wells).

Calculation of future situation:

Net water demand
for industries of a DC
losses = industrial water demand
per DC

Note: The unaccounted for water and losses are calculated within the Losses Module !

The calculation of the development of industrial demand uses the following formula:

IWn = (IWb * (1 + G/100)N + S) * C


IWn = projected future industrial water demand in m³/month
IWb = industrial water demand in m³/month in for previous time step
G = assumed yearly industry water Growth rate in %
for selected industry and scenario
100 = factor to convert from percentage to fraction
N = Time step in years
N = (2005 - reference year); for the next steps: N = 5 ( 2010, 2015 etc.)
S = Sudden increase/decrease in m³/month. Different values for supply from network or supply from own wells can be used!
C = Capacity in % of total operating capacity of the facility

The general concept of growth rate and migration is again applied.

Wastewater generated from industries is calculated as follows:

IWw = R * IWn / 100


IWw = wastewater generated from industries
R = Return factor = % of water use discharged as wastewater (one figure for each scenario).
100 = factor to convert from percentage to fraction