GIS data used by the Pre-Processing Module

In addition to the tables from relational databases (ORACLE and Access), the Pre-Processing Module is linking to GIS files. The used file format is ArcView shapefile (*.shp). Each shapefile is linked through an index file (*.shx) to an attribute table in dBase format (*.dbf).

Neither the geometry of the spatial data nor their attribute tables are modified, as they are only used for spatial selection. The location of the files is either offline (on a local drive) or online (on a network drive). At both locations, the same directory structure is assumed, i.e. the files are residing in the three subdirectories base data, thematic data and balancing.

The names and relevant fields of the GIS files are contained in table TShapefiles within the database application. Name and table structure are taken from the DVS (Digital Visualisation System). Even the table contents are just slightly changed; thus, the table contains several records which are only relevant for the DVS and not for the pre-processing module.

The way where and how GIS files are used is shown is described in a system of 3 related tables.


SFCode AVSFName AVSubDir SFName CodeField NameField SelOutputField IntersectCode LabelThreshold LabelSize Color
01 nation base data Nation NAME NAME NAT 2 0.05 dvsOcher
02 govern base data Governorate CODE GOVERNORAT GOV GOV 2 0.03 dvsOcher
03 districts base data District ADMIN_ID DIST_NAME DIST DIS 0.4 0.026 dvsOcher
04 mainswbasins base data Surfacewater basin MAINSWBASI BASIN_NAME MSWB MSW 2 0.026 dvsLightGreen
05 service_zones thematic data Service zone SERVZ_ID DESCR SZ SPZ 0.15 0.03 dvsLightGreen
06 agro_zones base data Agro-climatic zone ZONE NAME AGZ AGZ 2 0.025 dvsLightGreen
07 supply_zones thematic data Supply zone CODE DESCRIPTIO SZ_ID SUZ 0.15 0.03 dvsLightGreen
21 settle base data Settlements SETT_ID SETT_NAME SETT_ID 0.07 0.02 dvsRed
22 treatment_plants thematic data WWT Plants FAC_ID NAME_ FAC_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsMagenta
23 irri_cen thematic data Irrigation centers SETT_ID SETT_NAME SETT_ID 0.2 0.02 dvsDarkGreen
24 transfer_stations balancing Transfer stations STATION_ID DESCRIPTIO STATION_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsMagenta
25 transfer_tp balancing Transfer points TP_ID TP_ID TP_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsBlue
26 wadi_endpoints balancing Wadi endpoint WEP_ID WEP_ID WEP_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsBlue
27 industries thematic data Industries FACILITY_I NAME FAC_ID 0.3 0.02 dvsMagenta
28 rainstations thematic data Rainfall stations CODE NAME STAT_ID 0.3 0.02 dvsBlue
29 wells thematic data Wells PALC PALC STAT_ID 0.1 0.02 dvsBlue
30 Gaugingstations thematic data Gauging stations IDEN STATION_NA STAT_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsBlue
41 transfersystems balancing Transfer system TS_ID TS_ID TS_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsBlue
42 baseflowsystems balancing Baseflow system BS_ID NAME BS_ID 0.4 0.02 dvsBlue