Main parameter entry form for tourist demands

For the projection of the tourist demand the following parameters have to be considered:

Assumed growth rate (%) Assumed increase/decrease of bed units available within the selected DCs
Sudden increase/decrease Change of absolute number of bed units due to opening of new or closing of existing tourist complexes
Water demand per bed unit (l/day) Assumed water consumption per unit. Use the figure for the reference year as a guide.
Permissible salinity class Only salinity class 1 is permitted - editing is disabled !
Occupancy Rate (%) Describes the average occupancy of the bed units; can be entered either on a yearly or, if data available, on a monthly basis for better representation of seasonal variations of the occupancy.

Green areas related to tourist complexes may require considerable amounts of water for irrigation. The areas, salinity class and monthly gross irrigation demands can be entered.

Landscaping area (dunum) The total irrigated area related to tourist complexes should be entered for the different years and scenarios.
Salinity class landscaping Any salinity class between -1 (treated wastewater) and 2 is permitted
Monthly GIR in m3/dunum Has to be entered as monthly figures through an additional form..

By pressing the button   Keep , the same value for growth rate and demand per bed unit will be written to all following years. However, editing of the later years is always possible.

Move with the cursor over the image. If the cursor changes from arrow to a hand, you can click to find detailed explanation about the controls.

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