Main parameter entry form for network losses

Long-distance network losses are treated as water demand. For their projection just a single parameter has to be considered:

Assumed losses (%) This parameter is defined as percentage assumed to be lost from the total water demand (including losses) of a DC at the input into the network in a certain balancing year.
Assumptions need to consider hydraulic analysis and future rehabilitation of network.

Losses in Reference Year (%)

This value (average of all supply zones selected previously) describes the ratio between water billed and water supplied into the network for the respective reference year.
Thus, it cannot be manipulated by the user. It is meant to serve for orientation purposes only. The value for losses appears high, because billing data are incomplete. For instance, for Ajlun only 35 out of 52 settlements are covered. Their "missing" consumption appears as a loss.

By pressing the button   Keep for following years , the same value will be written to all following years. However, editing of the later years is always possible.

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