Main parameter entry form for wastewater resources

For the projection of the industrial demand the following parameters have to be considered:

Assumed coverage (%) Percentage population in the service zone connected to the sewerage systems
Assumed return factor New definition: Ratio between volumes of future (municipal and tourist) water demand and volumes returned to the WWTP. The projected industrial waste water generated is not affected.
This factor considers both the consumptions in the households and other use-types and the losses (or possible inflows) in the sewage systems of a service zone.
Assumed losses in WWTPs (%) Losses in the WWTPs are mainly due to evaporation, partly also due to seepage. These losses are strongly influenced by the type of treatment plant; this is why it is recommended to process only one plant type at a time.
Values can be entered as yearly or, if available, as monthly values (strong seasonal variation).

By pressing the button   Keep , the same value for assumed coverage and assumed return factor will be written all all following years. However, editing of the later years is always possible.

Copy these data to following years