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I am travelling a lot - more than 6 months per year I am away from Germany. While most of these are business trips, I usually select the ticket myself. My family is also travelling a lot, therefore, we are always looking for low-cost tickets, which may not be available through sites from travel agencies but have to be booked directly.

Link Description Language(s)
Auswärtiges Amt Country and Travel Information of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs German, English, French, Spanish
www.start.de My favourite site for finding airline connections and ordering tickets. German
FLIGHTSTATS Infos about Airlines and airports, particularly up-to-date departure and arrival times for ALL airports (including N'Djamena) . English
Air Berlin Hardly low-cost any more. Can be also booked through travel agencies like start.de. However, Air Berlin's home page is better to find remaining cheap tickets. plenty
German Wings Good experiences made (if you are not taller than 1.70 m and slim), main airport is Cologne. Low-cost daughter of Eurowings, in which Lufthansa has a major share. English, German
TUIfly.com Hapag fly under a new name. German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Easy Jet No weight limit for hand luggage as long as it conforms to the dimensions. plenty
Ryan Air The cheapest of all airlines in Europe, but uses mainly remote airports. various
brussels airlines Flights from Brussels to the rest of the world. Enlish, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian ...
Vueling Airlines Low cost flights to and within Spain - but not yet from Germany Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Dutch etc.
Meridiana Airline founded and owned by the Aga Khan with flights to and within Italy. Italian, English, French, Spanish
WIZZ Claims to be the largest low-cost airline for central and east Europe. Main hubs are London, Budapest, Warsaw, Katowice and Gdansk. German, English, French, Italian, Hungarian and several slavic languages
Corsair French low-cost airline belonging to the German TUI group. Flights from France to Africa and America (Canada, Caribean), but not to Germany French, English
Thomsonfly British low-cost airline belonging to the German TUI group. Dense network from UK to Central Europe and the Mediterranean. English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish
bmibaby Low-cost daughter of British Midland Airways, in which Lufthansa has an important share. Flys from UK to a number of Western and Central European targets, including Hanover. English, French, Spanish, Welsh
EU_Transport List of airlines banned within the EU All EU languages
FXConverter OANDA Currency Converter English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish

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