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The following is a list of links to webpages which contain geographic data - most of them free or at reasonable cost. The list includes worldwide hydrometeorologic data as well. All these data can be downloaded, but usually need a GIS for visualisation and analysis.

Link Description Language
DIVA-GIS free spatial data Lots of free GIS Data, some of them fairly recent. Raster data (including land cover and population) come in DIVA-GIS format which can be transformed using 'R'. English
Global Administrative Areas Administrative boundaries in 4 different file formats: ESRI shapefile, ESRI Personal Geodatabase, KML and R. English
GIS Data Depot Lots of free or low-cost GIS data: vector data, tabular data, DEMs, Satellite images. DCW-data are sadly outdated! English
GeoNames Contains over eight million geographical names of numerous sources, updated daily. English
World Gazetteer Population data arranged by country (administrative units and larger towns). Data are available as text lists and in KML. German, English, French, Spanish
Protected Areas Download protected areas by country. Data are available as shape files and in KML. Requires registration. German
Global Land Cover Facility Satellite data (Landsat Thematic Mapper) in various resolutions and qualities (MrSID and GeoTIFF) English
Global Environment Monitoring Global Land Cover 2000 Products of the European Commision Joint Research Centre: raster data available in Binary and ESRI GRID, with metadata and legends English
CGIR Consortium for Spatial Information SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data  English
FAO GeoNetwork Large number of maps in various categories, vector data usually as ESRI shape files. English, French, Spanish
GRDC Global Runoff Data Center located in Koblenz / Germany English
The Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Regionalised monthly rainfall data series (ASCII files) from year 1901 onwards English
WORLDCLIM Various monthly climate data, statistically summarised and gridded under consideration of elevation model. Includes forecasts up to year 2050 obtained by various climate models. IPCC 3 English
CIAT-GCM data Downscaled data from Global Climate Models (GCM). IPCC 4 English
TIGGE Worldwide weather forecasts up to 16 days. From various institutions. Data are in GRIB2 format. Requires registration for download. English
Spatial Reference Fairly complete list of spatial references (e.g. combinations of projection and datum; for all major GIS desktop and webserver software systems. English

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