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Link Description Site Owner Language
Bonn Gamecocks German Sports Club for American Football (affiliated to Ricarda) Bonn Gamecocks German
ideen in grün Garden design (Meike also assisted me with my own home garden) Meike Schulte German
La Coutourière Parisienne Historical costumes Alexa B. "Pompadour" English, German
Atelier für Kunst & Rahmendesign Atelier for art and design of frames Katja Rambow German
Heide Marie Fahle Virtual arts exhibition Heide Marie Fahle German, English, Spanish
Kurt Mühle Author of short stories and now also of a detective story "Zelenka". Kurt Mühle German
Geosolutions Consultancy services for GIS Ralph Elsässer German, English, French
Armin Margane Senior hydrogeologist for BGR Armin Margane English, German
Augenarzt Hilden Ophtalmologist in Hilden (near Düsseldorf) Dr. Jens Owczarek German
Hartmut Roderfeld PR consultant Hartmut Roderfeld German
Sylt Air Airline with Clemens Frohmann as pilot and trainer Syltair GmbH German
BERLINER STAATSPOPERETTE BERLINER STAATSPOPERETTE - free, unsubsidized music theatre Matthias Witting German
Die Buchhändlerin Book reviews Elvira Zellner-Hanemann German

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