Trouble Shooting

Problems with running the irrigation module can have two causes: program problems and data problems.

Program Problem #1 are wrong settings of MS-Access. The irrigation module (and all the other MS-Access applications of the digital water management tools) are extensively manipulating tables. The standard settings of MS-Access request the user to confirm all record changes, document deletions and action queries. All 3 confirm-options must me set off as shown in the Options / Edit/Find menu below, which is called from main menu Tools / Options... .

Program Problem #2 are compilation errors. They can have different causes.

One cause is that the Map Objects application has not been installed.

Another cause may be translation problems between different versions of Office (e.g. Office 2000 and Office XP), or different language versions (English /Arabic).

Note: the irrigation module will not run any more under Access 97!

If the application stops with an error, the IT support staff should proceed as follows:

  1. On the error message, chose "debug" and not "end"
  2. In the VBA window that will open automatically after you chose the "debug"-option, reset the program by pressing the reset button as shown below.

  3. Now you will be able to choose from the VBA window menu Tools / References

  4. You should see the following program references:
    Instead of Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library and Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library (for Office XP) there could be also Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library and Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library (for Office 2000).
    However, the other references must be exactly as shown below. Also the sequence (priority) of the references is important - a wrong sequence may cause the application stop with an error!