Select year and scenario

On the bottom of form "Projection of future demands"

you must select the year and scenario for which the above entries shall refer to.

When the form is opening the first time during a session, it is set to year 2005 and Scenario 1. The Option "keep change for following years" is activated. This option helps you when you are working forwards from year 2005 to year 2040. When you are selecting the next year or scenario, the values will be copied into the internal tables T_set_scenarios_all respectively T_set_sal_eff. If, for any reason, you are stepping from year 2040 backwards (and are changing any entries) please be sure to uncheck the option "keep change for following years".

Important note on saving entries for future scenarios

In order to save entries in the scenario table, one of the following actions are required:

Attention: a selected year or scenario is shown in inverse script (white on black background). As long as it is shown as black script on white background, it is not yet selected!

Year 2005 is selected

Year 2010 is not selected (but probably 2005 is)

Before saving any changes to the temporary table, a window will pop-up asking you to confirm this action.

If you don't see this pop-up window, nothing has been saved yet.