Save demands for future scenarios

After some or all years and scenarios have been formulated, demands can be calculated (for each selected irrigation center) and saved to the data base. This is done by clicking the following button

in the form "Projections".

Calculating the demands for all 3 scenarios, 8 projection years and 3 year types and saving them to the STP tables would take a rather long time. Therefore, there is the option to limit the scenarios and years. This is particularly useful, if only a single scenario has been elaborated.

In case, that you did not start with a new spatial selection but loaded from a previous session, you will be asked

After this, you have the option to enter/modify the note field for the scenario. (If it is a new session, also the ID is editable).

When creating a new session the user is offered a session name. It is generated in the form:

<module type><user name><YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS>


Also, the user may enter some notes as a free text, further describing the session.

For Update, the session identifier is preserved and the user cannot modify it. To copy an existing session under a different name, first it should be loaded, and then the Create new button should be used.

For Create and Export operations, the user may modify the session identifier, entering some more acceptable value. But, a check is performed and the identifier may not collide with any existing session identifier.

After everything has been exported, you will be asked if you want to exit the irrigation module, or if you want to continue to formulate your scenarios.