General Overview of the Irrigation Module

The Irrigation Module has been developed under MS-Access using VBA. It permits the detailed calculation of irrigation water demands. Data are read from / written to the central ORACLE database or, in the optional off-line operation, a copy of the relevant data tables under MS-Access.

Inputs of the irrigation Module are mainly agricultural statistics and Net Irrigation Requirements (NIR). The agricultural statistics are on the level of irrigation center and encompass the areas and percentage of irrigation technologies applied for the different crop groups. The NIR have be precalculated for different year types (dry, median, wet) and agro-climatic zones by a separate pre-processing module. Leaching is considered as well.

Outputs of the Irrigation Module are monthly irrigation water demands per irrigation center (= settlement). Thereby, gross irrigation demands, application and distribution losses are distinguished. The module calculates these figures for historic years and permits also the configuration and calculation of future scenarios. Together with other data on resources and demands, the results of the irrigation module are than post-processed in the water balancing module.

The operation of the irrigation module (user-interface) is completely through graphical controls, starting from the spatial selection of irrigation centers with a GIS module via visualisation of results (both graphical and tabular) to the saving of results. All user-entries are recorded in log tables, thus permitting the review and modification of them or their exchange with other users (through an upload to the central database).