Sorting and Filtering Spatial Data Tables

In addition to spatial selection, you can select / deselect records in the corresponding GIS data table.

This forms permits sort, search and filter operations on the GIS data table in a similar way as under ArcView GIS:

    1. Select a field in the   Fields   box by clicking on it. By default, none is selected.
    2. Select an operator in the   Criteria   box. By default, "like" is selected.
    3. Manually type the filter item into the   As   box. In case of a string, you must include quotation marks. Wildcards are allowed.
    4. Construct the filter criteria by pressing the "write code" button.
      The constructed SQL code will be shown in the   Result   box.

      If you don't like it, press the "delete filter criteria" button.
      However, you could else well just construct a new one SQL code and the old one will be automatically overwritten.

    5. In the   Choose operation   box, choose the filter option respective to an existing selection. The default is "Create new set".

      With "Add to set", "Remove from set" and "Select from set", you can construct queries of any complexity, also using different fields.

      Note: the option "Remove from set" is not even available under ArcView GIS.
    6. Press the "apply filter" to execute the command.

Any changes of the selections in the table are immediately reflected in the map form (showing the number of selected records and highlighting the selected records in yellow ).

Note : The "table" shown in the form is an Access "list field", in case of large data sets (like the wells) updating may take a long time.

To close the form, either press the "Exit form" button or just click into the map form.