Session Parameters Log

1. Overview

During a session with the irrigation module, the user manually enters many parameter values. These values determine the scenario, from calendar, geographical and numerical aspect. Session parameters log feature allows saving of these values and restoring them later (for reuse, corrections or distribution). Each user session is defined with several parameter groups, as follows:

Also, each logged session has some attributes that are automatically derived by the program:

Due to the use of two databases (online and offline), there are two completely separated session logs, one for online and one for offline. The session identifier is unique in the database scope, meaning that two sessions with identical names may exist in both online and offline database. Still, for export from online and offline and vice versa, the exported session may not have the same identifier as any existing session in the target database. Not all values are used in all modules. The additional resources module does not use the parameters log. A detailed description of the use of each parameter group is given in section 4.