Definition of Salinities

For the Project, 4 different salinity classes have been defined. A fourth class, called "0", is neglecting the salinity altogether.

Salinities are both important in the calculation of irrigation demand (higher salinities require larger amounts of leaching) and in the balancing: resources of higher salinities may not be used to fulfill demands for water of lower salinities.

The present definition of salinity classes is defined as follows:

Table Salinity_Class TDS (total dissolved solids) in mg/l

1 Salinity Class 1 0 1000 Good for Drinking & generally no restriction in irrgtn
2 Salinity Class 2 1000 2000 Slight to moderate restriction on irrgtn use
3 Salinity Class 3 2000 2800 Severe restriction on irrgtn use, only for special crops
4 Salinity Class 4 2800 50000 Usable only after desalination
0 no Leaching 0 0 No consideration of salinity