Modify Crop Basket

For future scenarios, it may not be just interesting to change the total historical area of a Main Crop Group (leaving the internal crop basket unchanged), but to compose a completely new crop basket. In case of irrigation centers without historical areas and if you want to add a formerly unused main crop group, this is even the only way to enter irrigation areas.

To do so, proceed in the following steps:

  1. Click the button, in form "Projection of future demands" and the following form will pop up showing the 10 main crop groups:

  2. In the form shown above, click into field MAIN_CG of that main crop group for which you want to enter individual crop areas. This will cause another form to open, showing the individual crop groups belonging to that main crop group:

  3. As default for "New", the historic crop areas are shown. Enter the new areas in the field "NewArea".
  4. When finished, click the button to save the new entries into the temporary scenario table. You will be asked: