Definition of Individual Crop Groups

Currently, more than 180 different crop groups are differentiated in irrigated agriculture in Jordan. The individual Crop Groups are distinguished by the CG_Id (Crop Group Id). They have been assigned to one of the 10 Main Crop Groups (MAIN_CG).

The DESCRIPTION is composed of the name of crop group (e.g. "BBeans_Peas", standing for "broad beans and peas"), the planting season (e.g. Aut1) and if they are cultivated in the open or under plastic screens ("_Plstc"). As the term "broad beans and peas" indicates, crops with similar characteristics have already been grouped together.

The table does not list all theoretically possible crop configurations but only those, that are cultivated with a considerable area in the country. The field comments is indicating, in which statistics they are found (JV / Jordan Valley Authority and/or Ministry of Agriculture for the uplands).

Table CROP_GROUP (first rows and columns only) :

110 BBeans_Peas_Aut1 2 JV: Yes,uplands: No 09-11-1999 11:33:45 GAMMOH
120 BBeans_Peas_Aut2 2 JV: Yes,uplands: No 09-11-1999 11:33:45 GAMMOH
130 BBeans_Peas_Wntr 2 JV: Yes,uplands: Yes 09-11-1999 11:33:45 GAMMOH
131 BBeans_Peas_Wntr_Plstc 6 JV: No,uplands: Yes 09-11-1999 11:33:45 GAMMOH
140 BBeans_Peas_Spr 1 JV: Yes,uplands: No 09-11-1999 11:33:45 GAMMOH

The above table under Oracle is constructed from a more complex one. It contains for each zone the components from which the CROP_GROUP_NAME has been constructed (crop, season, plastic) and the information about data sources (In_JVA, In_MOA).

Furthermore, for each agro-climatic zone, it contains the planting date (number of month), total duration in months and the source of information. (The table is very wide; example shows only the information for ACZ 1.)

Detailed table on CROP GROUPs (simplified for better readability) :

CROP_GROUP_NAME CG_Id crop season plastic In_JVA In_MOA PDay_Month_Z01 Dur_month_Z01 Info_source_Z01
BBeans_Peas_Aut1 110 BBeans_Peas _Aut1 _open Ja Nein 8 5 Zoer: PD=15 PM=8 DD=157
BBeans_Peas_Aut2 120 BBeans_Peas _Aut2 _open Ja Nein 9 5 Reviewed
BBeans_Peas_Wntr 130 BBeans_Peas _Wntr _open Ja Ja 12 5 Zoer: PD=15 PM=12 DD=169; NCARTT: PM=11 DD=150
BBeans_Peas_Wntr_Plstc 131 BBeans_Peas _Wntr _Plstc Nein Ja 0 0
BBeans_Peas_Spr 140 BBeans_Peas _Spr _open Ja Nein 2 4 Zoer: PD=15 PM=2 DD=110
BBeans_Peas_Spr_Plstc 141 BBeans_Peas _Spr _Plstc Ja Nein 1 4 Zoer: PD=15 PM=2 DD=99 ;Schuermann+comp.w/ data: PM=1 DD= 120
BBeans_Peas_Smr 150 BBeans_Peas _Smr _open Nein Ja 0 0
BBeans_Peas_Smr_Plstc 151 BBeans_Peas _Smr _Plstc Nein Ja 0 0
Carrot_Aut1 210 Carrot _Aut1 _open Ja Nein 9 4 Reviewed
Carrot_Aut2 220 Carrot _Aut2 _open Ja Nein 10 4 Zoer: PD=15 PM=10 DD=113; MOA_1099: PM: 10 DD: 120