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Disk World? Indeed! What does that mean? Quite a lot. I don't mind to spend a lot of words. However, a web address should be short. In order to stay for various meanings, I am using something which is ambiguous.

Disk World. I am an enthusiastic reader of Terry Pratchett's novels - in the original English version. I started with the Nomes/Bromeliads Trilogy, but now I have settled down at the discworld series.

The L-space Web is an excellent and comprehensive web site about Terry Pratchett.

If you are interested what else I am reading: coming soon a link to my favourite books. (This announcement stands since about 2 years). Even when published, it will remain incomplete, as, in spite of all my efforts, I am "in real world" a rather loosely organised person. Everyone seeing my desk can confirm that.

Disk World. Since very young years I had been fascinated by geography. Later (since about 1973) I added computer sciences to my favourite interests. Since middle of the nineties, I could join these two interests through Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As I have specialised a bit on ArcView GIS made by ESRI, here a GIS-Link with a compilation of the (according my opinion) most important "extensions". Updated in November 2006 with new information on linking various image formats..

By and then reports about my own development works shall be added on this site. In the course of time I started to work with MapObjects Light (MOLT20), an OCX-component which I am employing under MS-Access. All five documentations on database applications with integrated GIS for the Jordan National Water Master Plan have been put on the Internet.Optionally, also the complete documents can be downloaded in the format of compiled help files. Completely updated on 9th January 2008 with document versions from September 2007; also broken links fixed

For my development of a database system on rural water supply schemes in Tanzania an online documentation has not yet been established. Instead, a test database has been created under MySQL which permits queries through the Internet. The dynamic generation of pages (through PHP) is now fully functional, and also the design has reached its final format. Furthermore, conventional forms can be downloaded as PDF files. By changing to a so-called "virtual server", finally the interactive generation of maps is not anymore limited to a local server but can be achieved through the Internet as well.

The new project (which started in June 2004) will deliver the full web implementation of the original local database application. While the a.m. test version still consisted of a mix of HTML and PHP pages, the new version is completely written in PHP. The work is going on, fully functional pages can be viewed under www.wr-man.net/rwsd/.
Last Update on 9th February 2006. The whole site has been transported moved from www.disk-world.de to www.www.wr-man.net/rwsd/. The old site will be closed soon. This refers also to our weblog.

My latest Project is located in the Chad. AHT received from GTZ the contract for the Project "Sustainable Water Resources Management in Lake Chad Basin". The main target is the development of a system for knowledge management for the five member countries (Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, CAR) of the  Lake Chad Basin Commission which will collect and disseminate the knowledge required for water management planning.

A first Analysis has shown, there there is much more information available than expected. This shall be now made accessible, through a system of inter-active web pages. However, we start with the republishing of static web pages that were temporarily online in 2003. 

Good News: after two months of development, the new water resources management site for Lake Chad Basin Commission is working under www.wr-man.net/lcbc! It comes with a selectable map and server-generated charts! And it is bilingual.


My latest project of this kind was a comprehensive water management information system for the Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique in Mali. (all pages are in French). It was established in 2009.

Data are stored in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database, the thematic Maps are generated with MapServer, the dynamic web pages with Java.

I am quite a lot away from home, on average about 6 months per year. My work as consultant for information systems in the water sector leads me to Africa, Asia and more recently also to Eastern Europe. Since quite some time I plan to publish an interactive map showing where I have already been. The tabellaric summary of my curriculum vitae is already on the net (updated in August 2013).

Disk World. As insiders are knowing, the discworld is carried by elephants, which in turn are staying on top of turtles. Even before I had learned about the "cosmic relations", I had already established an intimate relation to tortoises: between the age of 10 and 15 my pet had been a Greek Tortoise. For those who are interested into my current turtle collection:

this way leads to the turtles (in German, but anyway images mainly) (updated in February 2012 - more than 200 turtles and/or tortoises illustrated and described).

If you think that Disk World could also refer to music CDs - my favourite styles are Worldmusic / "Ethno Dance" / Afro Pop. A small sample of my CD collection is finally also shown here. (updated in November 2010).

Anything else? Yes, I am interested in plants and gardening. But since my journeys have become so short (often just 2 to 4 weeks long), I had to neglect gardening a bit. Earlier, I had house gardens in Tanga/Tanzania, Mogadishu/Somalia and Sana'a/Yemen. In Germany gardening is quite a bit easier: in the humid climate, every thing grows almost by itself.

Something that can be managed even on short journeys: eating. I like to eat. And I do simply state: those who do not know how to cook have also little knowledge about eating. (This is why I am rather reluctant in making judgements on music - I am neither inclined nor to I have the gift to make music by myself.)

Also fairly independent from my location is the work on computers. Throughout most of the time during my foreign assignments, I have electricity (most important) and Internet connection (second most important). Since April 2008 I am a proud and satisfied owner of a MacBook. With this machine, one can do far more than I thought initially. (updated in March 2010). Because a large majority of all computer users is still using some Windows operating system from Microsoft, I compiled now a list of indispensable Windows programs (updated in October 2010).

If you believe that the Internet should remain open and free of charge, I suggest to try the "Open Directory Project". I myself am an editor there - one among more than 50,000 now. However, it is a directory, not a search machine.


The participation at the "Open Directory Project" is bound to strict rules, the tone there is sometimes a bit unfriendly. A much easier communication can be found at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here anybody can work openly on encyclopedia articles and thus share his knowledge. Surprising, how well this is functioning. I joined them in July 2003 ...

Still questions? You can almost always reach me under my e-mail .

In September 2004 I started a weblog. Initially I used the Greymatter software (based on Perl), but in March 2005 I changed to Nucleus (using PHP and MySQL). You are invited to take a look - but commenting is disabled due to security problems

These are the current weather conditions back home:
The sun rise and set at home may differ significantly from the places in the southern latitudes where I spent half of my life. After more than three years in Milan, my daughter Irina moved in February 2007 to Yucatan. From September 2007 to 2009, Irina was studying in Wimbledon, London.
Since autumn 2009 she is studying Kathakali in Cheruthuruhti
In April / May / July 2009, I was in Hyderabad, Province of Sindh, Pakistan.>
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Amman in Jordan is one of my regular working places since more than 10 years. Missions to hot N'Djamena are regularly scheduled, if the political situation permits. Once a year I should also visit my friends in Tanzania ... A new Project for me (since 2007) is in Beni Abbes, Algeria And also in 2008 I started to participate in a new project in Mali
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After no missions to N'Djaména in 2009, I have visited LCBC in 2010 four times.

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