Documentation of Irrigation Module  Irrigation Module
Executive summary Overview
User guide for program operationUser guide for program operation User Guide
Connect to DataBase, online or offlineConnect to DataBase, online or offline Connect to DataBase
irrigation/configuration.htm Configure data access
irrigation/new_or_previous.htm Select new selection or previous
irrigation/load_log.htm Load / manage session logs
irrigation/quick_builder.htm Quick Scenario Builder
open folderclose folder Form for Spatial Selection
irrigation/Map Navigation.htm Map Navigation
irrigation/Map_layer_selection.htm Select map layers
irrigation/Spatial_selection.htm Spatial selection
irrigation/Spatial_Filter_Sort.htm Spatial Filtering
open folderclose folder  Form "Selected Irri Centers"
irrigation/Sel_Ref_year.htm Select reference year
irrigation/Sel_Salinity_class.htm Select salinity class
irrigation/Sel_Leaching_months.htm Select leaching months
irrigation/calc_historic.htm Calculate historic
open folderclose folder Form "Historic Areas and Demands"
irrigation/Form_chart_historic.htm Chart with historic demands
irrigation/MCG.htm Show Main Crop Groups
irrigation/reselect_params.htm Reselect historic parameters
irrigation/sel_year_type.htm Set hydrological year type
irrigation/save2historic.htm Save historic demands to DB
irrigation/go2future.htm Goto future scenarios
open folderclose folder Form "Projection of Future Scenarios"
irrigation/sel_year_scenario.htm Select year and scenario
irrigation/sel_year_scenario.htm Enter new figures per MCGo
irrigation/enter_new_figures.htm Select year and scenario
irrigation/Modify_Cropbasket.htm Modify crop basket
irrigation/new_sys_efficiency.htm Change system efficiency
irrigation/Form_chart_projections.htm Chart with projected areas and demands
irrigation/compare_scenarios.htm Compare scenario entries
irrigation/save2projected.htm Save projected demands to DB
Explanation of data table structure and contentsExplanation of data table structure and contents Data Flow
irrigation/Table_links.htm Table links
open folderclose folder Monitoring Tables
irrigation/CropGroup_Area.htm Crop Group Areas
irrigation/IrriMethod_Distribution.htm Irri-method Distribution
irrigation/Farmgate_IrriUse.htm Farmgate Irrigation Use
irrigation/Gross_IrriUse.htm Gross Irrigation Use
open folderclose folder Look-up Tables
irrigation/ACZ.htm Agro-climatic Zones
irrigation/MCG.htm Main Crop Groups
irrigation/Irri_Techs.htm Irrigation Methods
irrigation/appl_efficiencies.htm Application Efficiencies
irrigation/Salinities.htm Salinity Classes
irrigation/Scenarios.htm Scenarios
irrigation/dry_medium_wet.htm Year Types
open folderclose folder Additional Data Tables
irrigation/Crop_groups.htm Crop Groups
irrigation/Leaching.htm Leaching Requirements
irrigation/YearType_NIR.htm Year_type NIR
open folderclose folder LOG Tables
irrigation/Session_Parameters_Log_1.htm Overview
irrigation/Session_Parameters_Log_2.htm User guide
irrigation/Session_Parameters_Log_3.htm Description of LOG tables
irrigation/Session_Parameters_Log_4.htm Description of LOG parameters
irrigation/STP.htm STP Tables
open folderclose folder GIS data used
irrigation/Irri_Centers.htm Irrigation Centers
Definitions and algorithms used by the applicationDefinitions and algorithms used by the application Definitions and Algorithms
irrigation/MCG_LUT.htm Main crop groups
irrigation/Perennial.htm Perennial Crops
irrigation/Crop_groups.htm Individual crop groups
irrigation/Irri_Techs.htm Irrigation Methods
irrigation/ACZ.htm Agro-climatic zones
irrigation/dry_medium_wet.htm Dry - medium - wet year type
irrigation/YearType_NIR.htm Net Irrigation Requirements
irrigation/Scenarios.htm Scenarios
irrigation/Salinities.htm Salinity Classes
irrigation/Leaching.htm Leaching requirements
open folderclose folder Efficiencies
irrigation/appl_efficiencies.htm Application Efficiencies
irrigation/Farmgate_IrriUse.htm Farmgate Demands
irrigation/Gross_IrriUse.htm Gross Demands
TroubleshootingTrouble shooting Trouble shooting
irrigation/troubleshooting_data.htm Data Access Problems

The irrigation module is part of the digital planning tools for the National Water Master Plan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan