Documentation of DVS  Data Visualisation System
Executive summary Overview
User guide for program operationUser guide for program operation User Guide
DVS/start.htm Start
Connect to DataBase, online or offlineConnect to DataBase, online or offline Connect to DataBase
DVS/configuration.htm Configuration
DVS/Select_module.htm Select Main Data Type
Monitoring DataMonitoring Data Monitoring Data Types
open folder Rainfall
DVS/rain_data_options.htm Rainfall Data Options
DVS/rain_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
open folder Rainfall Totals
DVS/map_rain_totals.htm Map of Rainfall Totals
DV S/map_Qtmp_rain.htm GIS Data Table
open folder Rainfall Statistics
DVS/map_rain_stats.htm Map of Rainfall Statistics
DVS/map_Qtmp_rainstats.htm Map Attribute Table
open folder Floodflow and Baseflow
DVS/discharge_data_options.htm Discharge Data Options
DVS/gauges_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
open folder Groundwater
DVS/gw_data_options.htm GW Data Options
DVS/GW_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
DVS/GW_level_options.htm GW-level Tables
open folder GW-quality Tables
DVS/map_gw_qual.htm Map GW Qualities
DVS/map_Qtmp.htm Map Attribute Table
DVS/Map_navigation2.htm Map Navigation
DVS/Map_infos.htm Map Infos
DVS/Map_background.htm Map Background
open folder Water Production
DVS/prod_data_options.htm Production Data Options
DVS/Prod_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
open folder Water Production Table Options
DVS/Wapro_tables.htm Excel Output
open folder Wastewater Data
DVS/WW_data_options.htm Wastewater Data Options
DVS/WW_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
open folder Wastewater Table Options
DVS/map_ww.htm Map WW Data
DVS/map_Qtmp_ww.htm Map Attribute Table
DVS/WW_tables.htm Excel Examples
open folder Irrigation Data
DVS/irri_data_options.htm Irrigation Data Options
DVS/Irri_Spatial_selection.htm Spatial Selection
open folder Options for Irrigation Areas
DVS/map_irri_areas1.htm Map Irrigation Areas
DVS/map_Qtmp_ia_pt.htm Map Attribute Table (points)
DVS/map_Qtmp_iarea.htm Map Attribute Table (areas)
DVS/Irri_area_tables.htm Excel Examples
open folder Options for Irrigation Use
DVS/map_irri_use1.htm Map Irrigation Use
DVS/map_Qtmp_iuse.htm Map Attribute Table (use)
DVS/Irri_use_tables.htm Excel Examples
Monitoring DataMonitoring Data Demand Projections
Monitoring DataMonitoring Data Resources Projections
open folder Form for Spatial Selection
DVS/Map Navigation.htm Map Navigation
DVS/Map_layer_selection.htm Select map layers
DVS/Spatial_selection.htm Spatial selection
DVS/Spatial_Filter_Sort.htm Spatial Filtering
Explanation of data table structure and contentsExplanation of data table structure and contents Data Model
Internal Data TablesInternal Data Tables Internal Data Tables
Tables Defining the Data ModelTables Defining the Data Model Tables Defining the Data Model
DVS/Table_links.htm Table links
DVS/Tables_comboboxes.htm Tables for Pull-down Menus
Tables Describing Table OptionsTables Describing Table Options Tables Describing Table Options
DVS/Table_option_irri_area.htm Irrigation Areas
DVS/Table_option_production.htm Water Production
DVS/Table_option_WW.htm Wastewater
DVS/Tables_LUTinternal.htm Internal Look-up Tables
DVS/Tables_Excelformats.htm Tables Supporting Excel Output
Tables for Map LegendsTables for Map Legends Tables for Map Legends
DVS/Table_Thresholds.htm Threshold Water Quality
DVS/Table_Thresholds_S.htm Thresholds all Others
open folder Monitoring Tables
DVS/Occupancy.htm Tourist Occupancy
DVS/Bed_units.htm Bed Units
DVS/Monthly_facilty_flow.htm Monthly Facility Flows
DVS/Water_use_billing.htm Water Use Billing
DVS/Billing_industry.htm Water Billing Industries
open folder STP Tables
DVS/STP_Add_resources.htm STP Additional Resources
DVS/STP_agriculture.htm STP Agriculture
DVS/STP_municipal.htm STP Municipal
DVS/STP_population.htm STP Population
open folder GIS data used
DVS/GIS_relations.htm Logic of GIS Table Linking
open folder Station Tables
DVS/Add_resources_table.htm Additional Resources
DVS/Facilities.htm Facilities
DVS/Facility_pipes.htm Facility Pipes
DVS/Settlements.htm Settlements
open folder Look-up Tables
DVS/agencies.htm Agencies
DVS/Add_resource_type.htm Additional Resource Types
DVS/billing_cats.htm Billing Categories
DVS/Crop_groups.htm Crop Groups
DVS/DC_types.htm Demand-Center Types
DVS/Irri_Techs.htm Irrigation Methods
DVS/MCG_LUT.htm Main Crop Groups
DVS/Measuring_type.htm Measuring Methods
DVS/Monitor_locs.htm Monitor Locations
DVS/Settlement_types.htm Settlement Types
DVS/station_types.htm Station Types
DVS/use_types.htm Use types
DVS/WW_end_uses.htm Wastewater End Uses
DVS/WWTP_owners.htm WWTP Ownership
DVS/WWTP_WWTP_servicezones.htm WWTP Service Zones
DVS/WWTP_types.htm WWTP Types
Definitions and algorithms used by the applicationDefinitions and algorithms used by the application Definitions and Algorithms
DVS/Salinities.htm Salinities
DVS/Scenarios.htm Scenarios
Application errors and their solutionApplication errors and their solution Trouble Shooting
DVS/system_req.htm System Requirements
DVS/troubleshooting_data.htm Data Access Problems

The DVS is part of the digital planning tools for the National Water Master Plan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan