General Overview of the DVS application

The DVS has been developed under MS-Access using VBA. It permits the inter-active production of a wide variety of tables, charts and maps for the Water Master Plan. There are basically three different kinds of data sources:

For data access, the DVS permits alternatively

Inputs of the DVS belong to three different groups:

The spatial resolution permits both data presentation for point locations (e.g. settlement, gauging station etc.) or areal summaries of point locations (e.g. display per Governorate, agro-climatic zone, surface water basin etc.).

The temporal resolution depends on the data. Rainfall and discharge data, for instance, can be displayed as daily, monthly or annual summaries, each either for calendar years (January to December) or for hydrological years (October to September). For water consumption data, typically quarterly or annual totals can be shown.

All outputs of the DVS are sent to Excel. They are in the form of pre-formatted tables and charts (either in color or black&white). In some cases, also thematic maps can be produced (as high-resolution images within Excel).