Objective of the DVS

DVS stands for "Digital Visualisation System".

The main objective of building a Digital Visualization System is to facilitate the production of tables, charts and maps for the Water Master Plan. The DVS is an easy to use, convenient and systematic facility. It reduces the time and effort required to get to data and to transfer them into understandable information.

Data are extracted from the central data base with the help of spatial selection and then summarised in tables, charts and maps. The output (tables, charts) is generated and formatted under Excel or - in the case of maps - optionally directed to Excel, from where it can be easily postprocessed.

Other than the pre-processing modules, the DVS will only read and export selected data and will never do any manipulations of the data contents of the central data base.

This online help, which can be directly called (in a context-sentive way) from the DVS application, is structured into the following main chapters:

List of module updates (since January 2007)

Last update of this documentation: 07/09/2007