born in 1951

Main fields of experience:
  • Water Management
  • Hydrology / Water Quality
  • Climate Change Analyses
  • Hydrometry / Irrigation systems monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • System Analysis and Programming
  • Database and GIS applications
Nationality: German
Marital status: Married, 2 children
Languages: German, English, French
Professional education:
1970 - 1975 Technical University, Berlin/Germany
M. Sc. Civil Engineering
Short courses:
2005, 2006, 2011 Courses on ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst and Python scripting
1994 Training seminar on geographical information system ARC/INFO / ESRI, Germany
1992 Seminar on Computer Aided Water Management Planning and Operation Models / DVWK, Germany
Seminar on Environmental Impact Assessment / DVWK, Germany
Countries of Work Experience: Algeria, Chad, Jordan, Mali, Mauritania, Macedonia, Morocco, Pakistan, Serbia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Yemen

Professional activities:
2013 - 2014 Chad, Cameroon,
Donor/Company/Client GIZ GmbH / AHT GROUP AG / Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)
Position: Climate Change Expert
Description: Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Chad Basin
  • Preparation of a climate change study for the Lake Chad Basin
  • Development and implementation of climate change adaptation measures in a participatory manner for different key production systems such as rainfed, irrigation and recession agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fishery and agro-sylvo pastoral systems.
  • Dissemination of adaptation measures in a defined pilot zone as well as their dissemination through knowledge management and networking of actors and stakeholders.
2013 - 2014 Mauritania
Donor/Company/Client GIZ / AHT GROUP AG / Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MDEDD)
Position: Database Expert
Description: Development of a database application for the monitoring and evaluation of the “National Action Plan for the Environment 2012-2016” (PANE2)
  • Design, develop and implement a web-based M&E system on indicators concerning the execution of the second national environmental action plan.
  • Develop scripts for automated download and processing of remote sensing data on precipitation, vegetation indices and occurrence of bush fires.
  • Training of Ministry staff on M&E system application.
2012 - 2013 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client Worldbank / AHT GROUP AG / IRSA
Position: GIS specialist
Description: Indus 21 WCAP: Establishment of a GIS/MIS Centre and Development of a Decision Support System
  • Review of Institutional Assessment Study and updating staff requirement proposals for the ongoing project phase.
  • Advise on map layouts and web mapping functionality.
2012 - 2013 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client European Commission / AHT GROUP AG / WAPDA
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Climate Change Adaptation and Impact Assessment for Munda Dam
  • Assessment of the long-term development of rainfall and temperatures.
  • Development of numerical models to calculate discharges from rainfall and snowmelt.
  • Verification of the viability of the "flood storage" system in relation to climate change and changed flows including technical recommendations to adapt the system to future inflows.
  • Assessment of the suspended load and bed load linked to heavy rainfalls and incoming water flows and technical recommendations for erosion safeguard measures
  • Proposal of a strategic management system of water resources in the dam to address partially conflicting issues (allocation of relative priority to hydropower, flood protection and irrigation for river basin management).
2011 - 2012 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client Worldbank / AHT GROUP AG / WAPDA
Position: Remote sensing expert
Description: Hydrological Flow Forecast Model for Mangla Catchment
  • Development of procedures for automated download and processing of daily MODIS data indicating snow cover
  • Pre-processing (scripting in “R” language) of input data for “WinSRM” (Snowmelt Runoff Model)
  • Model calibration
  • Development of seasonal forecasts with ongoing adjustment
  • Estimation of effects from climate change
2011 - 2013 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client Worldbank / AHT GROUP AG / Ministry of water
Position: System Analyst
Description: Provision of Consultancy Services for Water Point Mapping (WPM) for Rural Water Supply in LGAs
  • Negotiating between client and software developers the functionality and appearance of a web-based information system
  • Use of a wiki (MediaWiki) to formulate use cases and specifications
  • Visualisation of survey results using PostgreSQL and GeoServer
  • User training in Tanzania
2011 Mali
Donor/Company/Client KfW / AHT GROUP AG / Office du Niger
Position: GIS Expert
Description: Study of groundwater resources regarding their potential for irrigation in the area of the Office du Niger
  • Preparation of hydro-geological maps using Surfer, ArcGIS and Quantum GIS software.
2005 - 2011 Chad
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT GROUP AG / Lake Chad Basin Commission
Position: Team Leader, Integrated Water Resources Management Expert
Description: Lake Chad Sustainable Water Management
  • Analysis of existing IWRM knowledge within LCBC;
  • Analysis of existing and specification of future hard and software;
  • Formulation of IWRM tasks of LCBC;
  • Selection of water resources management methods;
  • Evaluation of data requirement for IWRM
  • Specification of data types and formats
  • Implementation of water resources data base;
  • Review of hydrological models;
  • Implementation of training measures for GIS, database, modelling and visualisation.
  • Establishment of a web site with interactive mapping and visualisation of hydrological data using PHP/PostgreSQL and MapServer.
  • Development of a user interface to access and analyse monthly gridded rainfall data from Global Precipitation Climate Center (GPCC)
  • Establishment of GIS servers (separately for intranet and Internet) with WMS, WFS and WCS functionality to be used in a webpage and on desktop GIS.
2010 Jordan
Donor/Company/Client GtZ / AHT GROUP AG / Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Position: Water management and GIS expert
Description: Water Sector Planning Support at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation
  • Generation of the national annual water balance (groundwater component) in a web environment
  • Preparation of geographical and well monitoring input data
  • Development of balancing algorithms
  • Configuration of GeoServer for output of thematic maps
2007 - 2010 Algeria
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT GROUP AG / Ministère de Ressources en Eau (MRE)
Position: GIS and Database Expert
Description: Implementation and dissemination of an integrated water resource management system in oases:
  • Analysis of existing IT equipment
  • Recommendation and procurement of hardware and software
  • Design and implementation of a database concept for IWRM
  • Elaboration of a medium-term water management plan for the oasis of Béni Abbès
  • Development of a water balancing tool
  • Development of an information management strategy and of an M & E system
  • GIS training
  • Extension of Water Management Concept to two other oasis towns
2000 - 2010 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Rural Water Supply Directorate - Ministry of Water
Position: Data base expert and GIS trainer
Description: Development and implementation of a nationwide database on rural water supply schemes
  • Design of a database under MS-Access, preparation of base maps
  • Development of data entry forms dealing with the input of the following data groups: address, resources, environment, technical, institutional, financial aspects, tariffs and revenue collection, administration, performance indicators
  • Development of queries and reports with dynamic maps integrated in MS-Access
  • Performance of both on-the-job and formal training on GIS and database applications
  • Set-up of a small local computer network, assistance in the procurement of additional computers.
  • Discussion with other ongoing projects in Tanzania dealing with computer-based information systems for the water sector to attempt a harmonisation in the documentation, user-interfaces and data structures
  • Transformation of the local system into a web-based information system using PHP/MySQL and MapServer.
2009 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client Asian Development Bank / AHT GROUP AG / Government of Sindh)
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Sindh Water Resources Development and Management Investment Program
  • Review of more than 100 proposed sites for small dams
  • GIS-based hydrological calculations
  • Development of selection criteria for different dam types
  • Ranking of sites and recommendations for further studies
2008 - 2009 Mali
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT GROUP AG / Direction Nationale de l'Hydraulique (DNH)
Position: Expert for IWRM, hydrological databases and information management
Description: Assistance to the DNH - Introduction of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Review of existing databases and electronic maps
  • Determination of suitable spatial management units
  • Selection of a suitable software environment
  • Development of algorithms and user interfaces
  • Implementation of an online information system using PostgreSQL, MapServer and HTML/Java
  • Training in the operation and updating of the system
2006 - 2007 Serbia
Donor/Company/Client Lux Development / AHT GROUP AG / Municipality of Novi Pazar
Position: GIS Expert
Description: Social Investments in the Municipality of Novi Pazar
  • Evaluation of tenders for IT, GIS and GPS hardware
  • Design and execution of application training courses in MapInfo
2004 - 2005 Jordan
Donor/Company/Client KfW / AHT GROUP AG / Water Authority of Jordan
Position: Environmental Expert
Description: Re-use of treated waste water in irrigated agriculture
  • Evaluation of chemical, physical and biological parameters of effluents from wastewater treatment plants and their effects on soils, crops and biodiversity
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment for the feasibility study.
  • Hydrological calculations and reservoir simulations for testing the option of storage of treated wastewater during the winter season.
2003 - 2004 Macedonia
Donor/Company/Client KfW / AHT GROUP AG / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
Position: System Analyst
Description: South-Vardar Irrigation Programme
  • Development of an Information System for the storage, processing and presentation of results from baseline surveys (farmer's questionnaires)
  • Supervision of construction of a computer-based cadastral system, using maps scale 1:2500 and 1:1000.
1996 - 2007 Jordan
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Position: Water management adviser and system analyst
Description: Water Sector Planning Support at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation
  • Participation in the development of a water balancing model linked to ArcView GIS
  • Description of water transfer systems of national importance
  • Set up of a digital terrain model
  • Countywide regionalisation of observed precipitation and evapotranspiration records on a 1-km-grid
  • Development of a raster model (processing daily rainfall and monthly evaporation records) for the determination of the regeneration of water resources (run-off, deep infiltration)
  • Advice on structuring of pre-processing demand modules for a "Scenario Tables Pool"
  • Integration of the software modules written under various languages (Delphi, Avenue, VBA) into a uniform system running under MS-Access and integrated GIS with optional connection to a central ORACLE server
  • Development of the pre-processing modules for detailed assessment and projection of irrigation water demands
  • Development of a model for calculation of reservoir safe yields
  • Development for a nationwide model to simulate water transfers and perform regional water balances under consideration of different source and demand types as well as water quality classes.
  • Participation in the formulation of the National Water Master Plan
  • Set-up of digital documents in HTML and PDF
  • On-the-job-training for GIS applications in water management planning
1997 - 2003 Macedonia
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
Position: Water management adviser
Description: Advice to the Administration for Water Economy for Preparation of a Digital Water Master Plan
  • Assessment of available data and facilities for computer aided water management planning
  • Active participation at a planning workshop on the establishment of a new water master plan
  • Elaboration of workshop results and formulation of a detailed work plan and quantification of required inputs
  • General advice on institutional and technical matters for preparation of a digital water master plan
  • Advice on data requirements and data bank structuring
  • Testing and evaluating applicants to join the local team for water master planning
  • Assistance in the procurement of digital geographic data
  • Assistance in importing observation data to the database from external sources and preparation of reports for the master plan
  • Advice and active participation in building a the project's homepage (contents, structure, programming in JavaScript)
  • Formulation of TOR for new projects in the water sector
  • Revision of a detailed report on causes of the environmental degradation of Lake Dojran and options for its rehabilitation.
2002 Algeria
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / National Agency of Water Resources
Position: GIS and database trainer
Description: Assistance to the National Agency of Water Resources - evaluation of water quality data
  • Linkage of MapInfo GIS to MS-Access data base
  • Calculation of water quality classes under MS-Access
  • Automated production of surface water quality maps under MapInfo
  • Visualisation of Groundwater Quality under Surfer and MapInfo
1999 - 2000 Morocco
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Water resources association Tensift
Position: Database and GIS Advisor
Description: Support to the re-organisation of a public authority into a private water association
  • Preparation of base maps under ArcView, design of a database
  • Development of interfaces to transfer resources and administrative data individually managed by various departments into a common system
  • Discussions with the Ministry in Rabat on harmonisation with a new nation-wide database on natural resources data.
  • Development of a sample GIS application to visualize the relation between authorisations for groundwater abstractions and the decline of groundwater levels over the last 30 years.
  • On-the-job training on GIS, with emphasis on dealing with data under different map projections.
  • Participation in a workshop to present the project achievements to other potential donors
1998 - 2000 Macedonia
Donor/Company/Client EU-Phare / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
Position: Project Manager and GIS trainer
Description: Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE), EU-Phare
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and supervision of installation of hard- and software (14 working places including network server) suitable for GIS and database development of a new computer-aided water master plan on national level.
  • Procurement of hydrometrical field measuring equipment
  • Execution of two training courses on GIS and database applications for water management planning.
1997/98 Tunisia
Donor/Company/Client KfW / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture - Directorate of Studies and Hydraulic Works
Position: Hydrologist and modelling expert
Description: Irrigation Project Galaat Andlous - Ras Djebel - improvement of the quality of irrigation water
  • Establishment of a model for water and salt balancing
  • Modelling for localisation of main sources of salinisation
  • Long term modelling for prediction of the salt content in soils and drainage waters
1995 Uzbekistan, Kasachstan
Donor/Company/Client EC-Tacis / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Executive Committee of the Interstate Council for the Aral Sea Basin
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Water Resources Management and Agricultural Production in the Central Asian Republics (WARMAP)
Hydro-meteorological Survey of the Aral Sea Basin (Tadjikistan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan, Kasachstan and Turkmenistan)
  • Evaluation of the hydro-meteorological information system
  • Consultation of the counterpart institution in the selection of stations for a "strategic network"
  • Proposals for modernisation of existing stations for monitoring of water quality and quantity as well as agro-meteorological parameters. Particular emphasis on irrigation return flows
  • Proposals for improvement of remote data transfer and structuring of hydro-meteorological data for a Management Information System (MIS)
  • Pre-processing of spatial data as well as of time series for integration into a Geographic Information System
1995 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client World Bank / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / WAPDA
Position: EIA expert
Description: Sukh Beas Irrigation and Drainage Project - structural and operational improvement of a large scale irrigation system
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) consistent with GOP and World Bank procedures
  • Identification of the requirements for the monitoring of the impact of the proposed project
1993 - 94 Tunisia
Donor/Company/Client KfW / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture - Directorate of Studies and Hydraulic Works
Position: Water management expert
Description: National Water Master Plan "Économie d'eau 2000"
  • Elaboration of regional and nation-wide water balances for various scenarios, water quality levels and time horizons
  • Selection of the most economic water saving measures in the field of irrigated agriculture
  • Information exchange between GIS, external data banks and various numerical models
1992 - 1994 Pakistan
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / WAPDA
Position: Hydrologist and modelling expert
Description: Salinity Control and Reclamation Project Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Participation in the assessment of various scenarios to improve irrigation water management and to monitor system efficiencies
  • Computer assisted assessment of flood flows from hill torrent catchments endangering the Project Area
  • Set-up of a flood routing model for dimensioning of a flood protection bund
  • Evaluation of existing measures and new proposals of flood flow reduction and/or diversion
  • Processing and evaluation of water and discharge hydrographs of the river Indus upstream and downstream from the Project Area
1992 Mali
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik 
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Regional Development Plan for the Dogon Plateau
  • Search and selection of sites for small dams
  • Simulation of runoff volumes and dimensioning floods using specially developed rainfall-runoff models
  • Detailed water balancing of small reservoirs for various cropping calendars
  • Calculation of the potential for various water harvesting schemes
1991 - 1992 Tunisia
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture - Directorate of Studies and Hydraulic Works
Position: Water quality monitoring expert
Description: Water protection for the Sidi Salem Dam and the Medjerda River
Detailed planning of two water quality monitoring stations
  • Determination of topographic conditions and extreme values of water quality parameters at the sites
  • Planning and design of the hydraulic systems for taking water samples from the river, conveyance to the measuring station and return
  • Planning and design of systems for flushing and mechanical cleaning of the pipe system
  • Selection of devices for continuous recording and retaining of samples
1991 Poland
Donor/Company/Client World Bank / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Environment
Position: Project manager
Description: Environmental Management Project Training Programme on the Location and Installation of Water Quality Monitoring and Warning Stations
  • Co-ordination of a seminar and consecutive study tour through Germany, Switzerland and France
1989 - 1991 Yemen Arab Republic
Donor/Company/Client UNDP / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / High Water Council
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Assistance of the High Water Council in Preparation of a Water Master Plan (UNDP Project YEM/88/001)
  • Collection and computer-aided reorganization of available data on surface water resources
  • Planning and implementation of the extension of the existing hydro-meteorological network with electronic data loggers
  • Inventory and partial evaluation of surface water development schemes
  • Computer-aided creation of a base-map and various thematic maps, with software interfaces to the data bank and to application programs
  • Development and application of a program for calculation of Penman evapotranspiration with directly measured radiation as optional input
  • Training of counterparts (data collection, input and processing)
  • Preparation of a part for the national masterplan (surface water assessment)
  • Lecturing at two subsequent courses on applied hydrology organized by the University of Sana'a and the International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE), Delft
  • Advice of the High Water Council in the restructuring of the authorities active in the water sector
1987 - 1988 Sri Lanka
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Irrigation
Position: Water management expert and system analyst
Description: Kirindi Oya Irrigation and Settlement Project Water Management Strategy Plan
  • Compilation of a data base relevant for irrigation system simulation
  • System analysis and development of a program package for detailed simulation of a complex irrigation project with several reservoirs
  • Simulation of various scenarios with different area extent, cropping pattern and cropping intensity
  • Development of a program package for operation of an irrigation system (with tertiary canals as smallest unit)
  • Counterpart training (general operation of PCs, application of the specially developed programs)
1982, 1985 - 1986 Jordan
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Ministry of Agriculture
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Zarqa Soil Conservation Programme
  • Monitoring of surface runoff and sediment transport, compilation and evaluation of historical data
  • Hydraulic calculations for soil conservation structures
  • Updating of the climatology and hydrology of the Project Area
  • Development and application of computer programs for the calculation of suspended sediment and bed load transport
  • Estimation of reservoir life time with a stochastical model
1983 - 1985 Somalia
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / AHT International / Ministry for Juba Valley Development
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Advisory Assistance to the Ministry of Juba Valley Development
  • Rehabilitation of river gauging stations at the Juba River
  • Collection of hydro-meteorological data from various sources
  • Design and establishment of a computerised data bank
  • Development of computer programs for data process-ing and hydrological analysis (all programs including graphical presentations)
  • Development and calibration of a hydrological flood-routing model
  • Training of computer operators
1978, 1981, 1984 - 1985 Yemen Arab Republic
Donor/Company/Client IBRD / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Agriculture
Position: Hydrometric expert
Description: Wadi Jawf Basin Development Project
  • Establishment of a precipitation observation network and of agro-meteorological stations
  • Construction of river gauging stations and performance of discharge measurements
  • Rehabilitation of wadi gauging stations and training of local observers
1981 Mauritania
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / SONADER
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Boghé Irrigation Project
  • Field observations of surface runoff
  • Calculation of runoff from a small catchment with a rainfall-runoff computer model and proposals for flood diversion
1981 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Self Reliance Fund West Lake
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Ngono Multipurpose Project
  • Repairs and installations of river gauges and meteoro-logical stations
  • Measurements of water discharges and suspended load
  • Evaluation of hydrological and meteorological data
1981 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client GTZ and IBRD / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Agriculture
Position: Hydrometeorologist
Description: National Coconut Development Project, Land Suitability Survey, Phase I
  • Collection and evaluation of meteorological data for precipitation-evapotranspiration balances
1979 - 1980 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client NORAD / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Rufiji Basin Development Authority
Position: Hydrometric expert
Description: Rufiji Valley Agricultural Development Project
  • Observations of riverbed erosion and sedimentation
  • Collection of hydrological data and field measurements in the Rufiji River and its floodplain
1979 Mauritania
Donor/Company/Client KfW / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / SONADER
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Tagant Regional Development Project
  • Design of a hydrometeorological observation network based on representative catchments
1979 Sudan
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Water
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Red Sea Hills Project
  • Determination of surface water resources for ground water recharge and siting of storage dams for irrigation and urban water supply
1978 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client UNHCR / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / UNHCR
Position: Hydrometric expert
Description: Mishamo Refugee Settlement Scheme
  • Hydrological survey to determine the availability of surface water for domestic supplies
1978 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client IBRD / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Tanzanian National Agriculture and Food Corporation
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Kapunga Feasibility Study
  • Hydrological investigations for irrigation of a 3,000 ha rice farm
1978 Sudan
Donor/Company/Client IBRD / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry of Irrigation
Position: Hydrometric expert
Description: New Halfa Rehabilitation Project
  • Evaluation of canal capacities in an existing 150,000 ha irrigation scheme
1976 - 1977 Tanzania
Donor/Company/Client GTZ / Agrar- und Hydrotechnik / Ministry Water
Position: Hydrologist
Description: Tanga Integrated Rural Development Plan
  • Strengthening of the Region's hydrographical network: maintenance and data processing of newly established hydro-meteorological stations and their integration into the existing network

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