ArcView DXF Conversion Wizard

This is a modified version of the ArcView DXF Conversion Wizard. This tool will enable you to convert ArcView Feature themes based on shapefiles, PC ARC/INFO coverages, or ARC/INFO coverages, into Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) files.

Shape geometry, text labels, and block inserts containing database information with attributes, can now be created using a field selection in your theme table. This allows you to customize the layers, linetypes and colors for objects being created. Color and linetype will be set \"bylayer\" whenever possible. If color and/or linetype are set by field value and you haven't selected field value to create the layer names then color and/or linetype will be set by entity. If you choose the same layer name as the shape geometry while building text or blocks, the colors and/or linetypes will be set by entity. If the user has selected specific features via a spatial or database query, only selected features will be converted.

Use the Prev and Next buttons to navigate, or Cancel to quit at any time.