List of useful public domain extensions for ArcView 3.x
Formatting, Legends and TOC (table of contents)
Extension Brief Description Documentation Author encrypted? Requires Relevance Stability Appearance User Friendliness
AID Create customized libraries of ArcView objects - restore objects from old projects and memorize their definition
Giancarlo Anderle partly Dialog designer
does not work with grids

required initial hardcoding of the the "userext"
Show/Hide Selected Hides unselected records of a theme ? no none
TOC Theme Shuffle Moves an active theme to the top or bottom of the table of contents Brian J. Torreano no none
Labeling Contains tools for labeling and adding text to views and layouts ESRI no none
generated text box slightly too narrow
Hot Potato HotPotato Hotlinks provides the ability to have multiple hotlinks of different types for multiple shapes
Kenneth R. McVay no Cad reader,
Jpeg image support
Overview Utility Allows you to create overviews. You can add this functionality to one or more DocGUIs for views
ESRI no none
Shapefile description dialog Opens a dialog with information about a shapefile theme ESRI no Dialog designer
gives quite useful information

does not work with ArcView coverages!

problems if GUI set to "large fonts"
GeoLink Used for linking Views together for synchronized zooming in either a Roam Overview or Sibling mode
Kenneth R. McVay partly none
quite easy - once the principle is understood

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status: 01.05.2005