List of useful public domain extensions for ArcView 3.x
Queries and table tools
Extension Brief Description Documentation Author encrypted? Requires Relevance Stability Appearance User Friendliness
Advanced Queries and Formulas 2.0 Helpful tool to store the user's queries and formulas Readme2.htm Vasily Belyh no Dialog designer
Xtools Extension Contains useful tools developed, modified, or collected by ODF Xtools.htm

Mike DeLaune no none
Two Theme Analyst Extension Performs three types of analysis on two themes in a View
Kevin O'Malley no none
Correlation Coefficient tool Contains a Tool for calculating correlation coefficients for fields in tables or themes
Charly Frye no Dialog designer
limited to 2 fields of a single theme
Shapefile description dialog Opens a dialog with information about a shapefile theme ESRI no Dialog designer
gives quite useful information

does not work with ARC/INFO coverages!

problems if GUI set to "large fonts"

Some basic functions for calculation of field values are described here.

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status: 05.02.2004