List of useful public domain extensions for ArcView 3.x
Processing of vector shapes
Extension Brief Description Documentation Author encrypted? Requires Relevance Stability Appearance User Friendliness
Xtools Extension Contains useful tools developed, modified, or collected by ODF Xtools.htm

Mike DeLaune no none
Vector  Transformations Utility tools for point, polyline and polygon transformations and management... Ends where Xtools stops; includes a powerful generalize script Eugene Martin
no none
Stream Mode Digitizing Allows the user to digitize graphics or
shapes on-screen using a "Stream" mode rather than a "Click" mode
Streammode.txt Tim Loesch
no Dialog designer
still beta, runs on some computers, on others ArcView gets locked
Screen Digitize Contains tools for editing point, line, and polygon themes on the screen using a mouse Readme.htm Howie Sternberg no Dialog designer
needs some training to understand
Quality Control Tools Useful for correcting some topological problems that Arcview out of the box
allows you to create

Jim Heald no none
Points to Polygons Generates Polygon out of cluster of points
Richard Butgereit no none
sometimes, points are not included and ned to be added within a 2nd run
Two Theme Analyst Extension Performs three types of analysis on two themes in a View
Kevin O'Malley no none
BufferTheme Builds shape files of buffers from themes
Kevin O'Malley no Dialog designer
Create Thiessen Polygons Build thiessen polygons from a point theme Greg Ammon no none
may affect spatial analyst  negatively

stops in case of identical points
Desire line extension Creates desire lines based off of data from a table
Kevin O'Malley no Dialog designer
could be interesting to link e.g. resources and consumers

never managed to produce lines with length > 0

problems if GUI set to "large fonts"
ShapeWarp An extension for warping unknown shape files into a known projection
Kenneth R. McVay partly Dialog designer
produces a few error messages, but still works

fairly intuitive

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status: 01.05.2005