List of useful free - but NOT Public Domain - extensions for ArcView 3.x
Raster image tools

By default, only raster images in the basic TIFF, BMP and some special satellite image format (e.g. LAN) can be viewed directly under ArcView. For JPEG and SID images ESRI is providing the necessary extensions. For the newer formats ECW and JPEG2000 the necessary extensions (.avx as well as .dll) are provided by other companies; these extensions may not be found on the ESRI download page.

The extensions are free to use, but the software is not Public Domain or Open Source. Therefor, at this page I am only offering reviews and download locations from the original software companies.

Please note, that this list is not exhaustive; it just includes those image formats I am commonly working with. Basic BMP and TIF do not require an extension.
Extension Brief Description Notes /Documentation Author encrypted? Requires Relevance Stability Appearance User Friendliness
JFIF Linking and viewing JPG images Doss not work with losslees compressed JPG ESRI no jfif.dll
IMAGINE Linking and viewing ERDAS IMAGE images Does not support transparencies ESRI no imgn.dll
TIFF Linking and viewing TIFF 6.0 images Even the standard version supports Packbits - but none the LZW compression! ESRI no tif6.dll
MRSID Linking and viewing of MrSID Images There is a new version of the DLL from April 2005! ESRI / Lizardtech no avmrsid.dll
MSIGJP2 Linking and viewing GeoJPEG200 images Works also with ordinary JPEG2000 files MSI / Lizardtech no msigjp2.dll
ERMapper Linking and viewing of JPEG2000, ECW and ER Mapper Images Version 3.0 from May 2006. ER mapper no Installation routine, generating a whole new subdirectory
ImageWarp An extension for warping images into a known projection
Public Domain

Kenneth R. McVay partly Spatial Analyst, Dialog Designer,

fairly intuitive
imagegeoref Image georeferencing tool for generation of world file
Public Domain
George Raber no avdlog.dll

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status: 26.12.2006