List of useful public domain extensions for ArcView 3.x
Import - export tools
Extension Brief Description Documentation Author encrypted? Requires Relevance Stability Appearance User Friendliness
GENERATE to Shape Import ARC/INFO GENERATE format ASCII files, convert to shapefile and add the new theme to the active View
Ron S.W. Wardenier
no none
import of base files from Surfer, exact shapes made with Excel etc.
Cad Reader Extends ArcView to support viewing, querying, and analyzing CAD drawings ESRI no cadview.dll
important for data import

does not accept ACAD 14
Cadtools This extension provides more tools for working with CAD drawings
Adena Schutzberg no none, but works only on CAD drawings imported by Cad Reader
appears to be faulty
DXF Conversion Extension v2.1 Creates Drawing Interchange format files from feature themes
David Dow no Dialog designer
powerful, can also handle large themes, many options

Does not accept shapes with M or Z values.

requires some AutoCAD knowledge to understand the options
Remove Z/M Attributes from Shapes Takes shapes with Z and M values (i.e. PointZ, PolylineM, PolygonZ, etc.) and converts them to basic Point, Polyline or Polygon shapes
Jenness Enterprises
no none
Particularly useful for pre-processing before DXF-conversion

Wants to write results into temp directory
Surfer Extension 2.8 Convert Surfer ASCII grids (*.grd) into ArcView ASCII grids (*.asc) and vice versa surfer_readme.txt

Johannes Weigel

no Spatial Analyst
Important for people using SURFER

Conversion of empty cells from Surfer to ESRI is faulty
Projector! modified Reprojects shape files
Brian J. Torreano no none
limited to reproject to / from lat-long
Datum Converter Converts from one datum to another
ESRI no none
AID Create customized libraries of ArcView objects - restore objects from old projects and memorize their definition
Giancarlo Anderle partly Dialog designer
does not work with grids

required initial hardcoding of the the "userext"
Hot Potato HotPotato Hotlinks provides the ability to have multiple hotlinks of different types for multiple shapes
Kenneth R. McVay no Cad reader,
Jpeg image support
Script-IO Import scripts from an ArcView project, extension, or text file(s) Export script(s) to text or HTML
Andy Lyons no none

Hints for data exchange with Surfer.

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status: 24.09.2005